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Von Stumpfeld Division

A Cossack from "Von Stumpfeld" and German pilot on the "Anzuchtstatte" aerodrome.

The division was formed in Stalingrad on December 12th, 1942. The ranks of this division were filled with Russian volunteers, many of them deserters, Cossacks, Ukrainian and Russian policemen. The division was largely armed with captured Soviet weaponry, with some added anti-tank support provided by the 9th Flak division. The division was initially commanded by German officers down to the company level, but these positions came to be taken over by former Russian officers. For example Kamenberg, the original commander of the Kamenberg Battalion, was later replaced by the former Red Army Major Tuchimov. The division was destroyed in Stalingrad, fighting right to the end in the defense of the Tractor Factory, in the first week of February, 1943.

The division was organised and equipped as follows:

Von Stumpefeld Division HQ+

Schmid Infantry Regiment
Schone Battalion (5/7/133)*
1 Company (2 LMGs)
2 Company (1 LMG)
Support Company (mot) (2 Russian 76mm anti-tank guns, 1 50mm gun)
Kamenberg Battalion (4/66/354)
1 Company (4 LMGs, 2 HMGs, 2 50mm and 2 Russian 82mm mortals, 1 75mm PAK 40)
2 Company (1 LMG, 1 88mm Flak 36, 3 20mm Flak, 1 50mm PAK 38)
3 Company (4 LMGs, 1 HMG)
Reserve Company (2 LMGs, 2 Russian HMGs)
Lindner Battalion (3/33/211)*
1 Company (4 Russian LMGs, 4 Russian 82mm mortars, 2 Russian 45mm anti-tank guns)
2 Company (4 Russian LMGs, 2 HMGs, 1 75mm gun)
Eisenacker Battalion (0/45/141)*
1 Company (3 Russian LMGs, 1 Czech LMG, 1Russian HMG)
2 Company (2 (mot) 75mm guns PAK 40, 1 Russian 50mm mortar, 4 Russian 82mm mortars)
Korherr Battalion (7/49/344)*
1 Company (4 LMGs, 3 Russian LMGs, 1 50mm mortar and 1 75mm gun)
2 Company (4 LMGs, 6 Russian LMGs, 1 50mm gun)
1 (mot) Platoon (1 88mm and 2 20mm Flak guns)
2 (mot) Platoon (1 88mm and 1 20mm Flak guns)
1 Reserve Company (1 LMG and 2 Russian LMG)

Stelle Infantry Regiment
Engert Battalion
(4 companies no heavy weapons)
Von Caddnebruck Battalion
(4 companies, no heavy weapons)
Kharkov II Battalion
(12 mortars, 5 LMGs, 1 37mm, 2 50mm and 2 75mm guns)

Morossowskaja Cossaks Battalion
1 Company (6 LMGs)
2 Company (6 LMGs)
3 Company (4 LMGs)

Support (2 88mm Flak guns, 3 20mm Flak gans, 2 37mm PAK 36)
Detachment 9th Flak Division (Stumpfeld Detachment)
(2 88mm and 9 20mm Flak guns)

Abendrot Tank Company
(three T-34 and two T-70)

Artillery Group:
1 French 105mm gun
2 German 105mm guns
1 German 150mm howitzer
4 88mm Flak guns
6 20mm Flak guns
1 75mm field gun
2 Russian 47mm anti-tank guns (English 2nd pounder gun)
5 100mm guns
Kamenberg, Lindner and Eisenacker Battalions be armed 11th German anti-tank rifles and 42nd Russian anti-tank rifles

* (officers/ NCO / men)

The information and photo by Vladislav Dovghenko (Military historical club "Stalingrad").

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