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History of the Russian Liberation Movement


16 August 1941 - the order of the General Headquarters of the Supreme Command N of 270 1941 from about the inadmissibility of delivery into the captivity, otherwise to destroy those returned by "all means both ground-based, and air, and the family of the returned Red Army men to deprive of welfare payment and of aid".

1942 orders N 227 "not to step back". 1942- m supreme commander-in-chief Joseph Stalin published famous order after number 227. - under the threat of shooting was forbidden any retreat, in the Red Army were introduced penal and barrage batal'ony(do of 200 people).

Voluntary national connections at the eastern front are created for the patronage of local German command against the straight prohibition of Hitler.

March 1942 - in Osintorf settlement (region Orshi) is created by RNNA (Russian national People's Army), to August 1942 counted of 1500 man. Main role in the creation RNNA belonged to White emigres S.N. to Ivanov, K.G.Kromiadi, I.K.Sakharovu.

On 11 July, 1942, - in the so-called Volkhov boiler in the environs of Leningrad is undertaken into the captivity General A.A.Vlasov.

10 September 1942 - 1 leaflet, signed By the A.A.Vlasov

end 1942g - the brigade Of b.V.Kaminskogo The RONA(Russkaya liberation People's Army) counts 14 rifle batalionov, bronedivizion and the motorized destructive company. Only of 10 thousand people.

end 1942g - General Vlasov's trip to the territories with the agitational appearances occupied

27 December 1942 - the Smolensk declaration

March 1943 - the open letter of the General OF A.A. Vlasov "Why I embarked on the path of fight with the Bolshevism"

Mass passage of voluntary connections to the side of partisans.

On 10 October 1943 - the order of the Fuehrer about the transfer of eastern parts to France, Italy and in the Balkans, but also there they passed to the side of allied troops.

On 26 August 1944 - into the Waffen SS were transferred all international personnel and units of ground forces.

14 November 1944 - the constitutive congress of KONR.

23 November 1944 - the formation of 1 Russian division. Commander S.K.Bunyachenko.

On 19 December 1944 - Hering signed edict about the creation of the Air Force ROA on the basis of the Russian air group, formed in the composition To Luftwaffe during November 1943.

To April 1945 it was possible to form fighter squadron under the command of the former captain of the Red Army and Hero of the Soviet Union Of s.T.Bychkovay of aircraft Me -109G-10) and Senior Lieutenant of the Red Army and Hero of the Soviet Union Of b.R.Antilevskogo (12 ju-88)

On 28 January 1945 Hitler assign Vlasov as the commander-in-chief OF ROA.

5 May 1945 - the participation of division Bunyachenko in the Prague uprising.

1945 - 1946

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